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Then and Now

Here’s a treat! My first “Video Blog” – because I’m too lazy to write. 😛

Note that this was done at 2:30AM on a work night and I was trying to keep my voice down.
Insomnia – Hoorah!



If I have time, one day I will present a full timeline of all my works to date… Or one that will highlights the work that matter, anyway…

Remember kids. It’s okay to start off sucking. We all do when we first start. Just pick yourself up and try again. Then maybe you too, can make a horrible video about how grotesque your works used to look and want to burn the evidence.

The Comments

  1. Lol.

    It was very fun listening to some of your comments. Interesting that you vlog about your wallpapers to create that timeline aspect. Many people just create a collage and map it out. It feels very personal seeing and hearing it as a vlog. Since I can note the tone of your voice while I listen. It makes me want to create my own!11!!!11!

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    • LOL The truth is I had tried creating an image timeline but I had too much crap to go through, so this was easier/lazier. 😛

  2. “Sucking at something is the first to being sort of good at something” Jake

    That was quite the vlog! You’ve come a long way Phoenix.

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