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2012 Afilliation Open

Affiliations for the coming new year are now open.

Please visit the Affiliation Page for all the rules and details.

Blargh, I’ve been working on a project lately so expect to see graphic updates soon. I’ve also been secretly updating the Anime Reviews and perhaps if you guys ask nicely, I’ll write or record a nice tutorial some time soon. Until then, look forward to some funny updates I will be making, perhaps later this week.

I need sleep. Someone send me sleep as a gift, please. (Pill form optional.)

Here’s the beginning to a currently airing Anime I’m watching… Based off redjuice art.

Guilty Crown – Insert Song

The Comments

  1. Peonix get some sleep a Average joe in the world cant Function without sleep even also Im glade its open maybe more websites will notice you more =)

    p.s Note: sleep meds are horble drink tea and clothe ur eyes =)x2

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