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And Then There Will Be Cake…

Howdy! I just turned 25 today. Aaaand now my life goes downhill from here…

Fall is here and so all you kids will be going back to school. Work is same old routine for me. I am currently working on a few website and graphic projects, so don’t you worry. I’m also still watching Anime and reading Mangas, so don’t worry about that either. (What’s to worry?) All I ask is for a little patience and to thank those of you that continue to visit my site. Can you believe that TFL Design is almost 8 years old? 0__o Me neither.

Until then, look who is made cool again! Backstreet Boys! 😛
That’s some crazy hair, bro…


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  1. Happy Birthday! (I think I’m a tad bit late) I hope you enjoy it! Btw Got my original domain back :3

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    • Thanks you! It’s never too late for Bday Wishes LOL.

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