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Facebook Covers Now Available

Available ONLY on FACEBOOK.

So I had asked about 24 hours ago, if you guys would like TFL Design to create some Facebook Covers for your profiles. A handful of you answered within that time, so I assumed that handful stood for the majority of the 700+ fans… 😛

Anyway, you can now find some sweet Anime Profile Covers exclusively on the FACEBOOK PAGE. They’re in one of the Photo Albums. Why there instead of here? Well remember back in the days of Neopets and MySpace? I didn’t want to go through another one of those, “Take an entire section off the site because I quit that social network” ordeal again. So for Facebook users, the Profile Covers are available on Facebook. It’s that simple. All you have to do is follow me there.

As always, you can follow me on TWITTER as well. No, I won’t be making graphics for Twitter, don’t be silly…

Anyway, feel free to make requests for different Anime themed Facebook Covers on the WALL of the page. I’ll be making quite a few in the upcoming days, so stay tuned.

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