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Happy 8th Birthday TFL Design

I created The Forgotten Lair graphics site 8 years ago on December 29, 2003. It was originally for Neopets Guild members to acquire the layout designs I was making. Shortly after, I made it public to everyone on the interwebs – all on Freewebs hosting. Let’s just say TFL Design has grown a LOT since then. 😛

Just an early notice to myself and you all that the site’s birthday is coming up, since most of us will be more focused on the holidays and New Years to come. Thank you to all the visitors and random bandwidth leechers of this site for the support and repeated visits/leeching. You are what keeps me going. 😛

Do TFL Design a favor and tell your friends and family that love Anime to follow and like us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Lets keep the TFL Design fanbase growing for another decade! 🙂

Affiliations are still opened till the end of the year. I’d like to welcome the guys at Pixel Ellipsis to TFL Design’s affies. They’ve been a long time friend to this site and I’ve been a long time fan of their works. (Who isn’t? I kill you.)

So enjoy the Holidays all friends and visitors of The Forgotten Lair. Try not to get that drunk and pray that you passed all your courses this semester in college.

I leave you with an addicting song from an Anime I’m watching – Phi Brain. It’s an Anime about solving puzzles. I kid you not. But it’s fun for kids and there’s a sense of YuGiOh-type adventure, with a cool opening song. Here’s the full version:

“Brain Diver” by May’n

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  1. Happy bday TFL! Wow, eight years is a long time :).

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