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Welcome to The Forgotten Lair Version 18

*checks watch*

It’s been only 4 days right? I said this update would take a week, but did it in 4 days… Before I go collapse from exhaustion and lack of sleep, let me give you the tour.

If you look at the very top, you will see an assortment of anime characters. If you have dual monitors and stretch your browsers across two screens, you will see that more characters show up. To those who do not have dual screens or simply have small screen resolutions – YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHO IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE! To those that have 3+ monitors with the browser stretched across… WHY?! WHO BROWSES LIKE THAT ANYWAY? Can you see all the characters at the very top of this site? 😀 Leave a comment. 😀

Anyway, another fun feature in the header area are the featured posts decorating the top of most pages. They basically show the latest posts in that specific category. The front page features wallpapers only though. If you scroll down under the news, you will see plenty of tabs to play with to browse through other sections. The Google Ads have been removed from this site because let’s face it – everyone and their mom has AdBlock. If you want to help me pay for this site, feel free to donate. Link is at the bottom.

I’ve also added two new reviews for series I’d watched but never got to review a long time ago. You tend to remember what you’re missing when you go through your entire website over and over… Finally, a new poll has been added. Answer please?

But seriously I need sleep now. I’m starting to hallucinate… We cool?


P.S. If you see any bugs, feel free to comment and tell me what browser and OS you’re using. If you provide screenshots, that’d be even better.

P.P.S. This site has been optimized for mobile viewing as well. It’s snazzy.

The Comments

  1. Beautiful layout Phoenix! Love the banner and header images. ^^

    Not sure if it’s related to the layout but there doesn’t appear to be any scrollbars on your Shoutbox. Can still scroll by wheel-clicking though.

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    • That was on purpose. I didn’t want random scrollbars everywhere so I coded it to be removed. I figured people wouldn’t be THAT nosy as to reading past conversations… XD

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